1. First, log in and make sure you have Push Notifications activated in the Settings section of the app.
  2. Now, to set up a price alert, go to the contract for which you need to set it. Click on the "More options" icon in the corner and select the option "Set price alert". Select the Price at which you want to be alerted (you can use the "+" "-" buttons or move the scroller). Optionally,  set the expiration date of the alert and an alert text for your reference. 
  3. Once you set the price alert, it will appear in the "Alerts" tab in the main menu. When the condition is met, you will receive a Push notification alerting you about it, even if the app is closed.
  4. To edit or delete an alert you have set, go to the "Alerts tab" > "pending" and hold your finger (longclick) on the Alert you wish to edit, until a menu comes up where you have the options to Edit or Delete the alert. 
  5. You can also Clear All triggered alerts on the "Alerts tab" > "triggered" and holding your finger (longclick) on any alert until a menu comes up where you have the option to "Clear Triggered".