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How do I use advanced charts?

Última Actualización: Oct 31, 2018 11:21AM CET


To Access Advanced Charts:
First go to the specific contract's screen. Click "+" for options and select  "Advanced Chart".
Or go to a contract screen, swipe right and tap on the daily chart.

-Chart tutorial- The first time you use the app, you will see a tutorial with instructions overlapping the chart. You can always see these instructions by going to Chart >  "+" options > Chart Tutorial.
-Zoom in and out using your fingers
-Scroll back to see more history

Chart Tutorial 

-Use Crosshair icon to see coordinates. You can also bring out the crosshair by pressing for 2 seconds on any place inside the chart. But if you use the button, it will stay until you press it again.


-Tap right side for end of chart. When you are the end of the chart, you will see real-time prices update in yellow.
-Quick access to Order Entry from chart. You have the "+" options inside the chart with "Buy Order", "Sell Order" and other shortcuts.

Go to Settings icon (bottom-right) , and here you can change:
-Types: Candle, Line, Bar
-Multiple chart time frames
-Show Traded Volume in the chart, select ON or OFF 
-Upper indicators: Up to 3 MA, Bollinger Bands
-Lower Indicators: Stochastic, RSI, MACD, Acc/Distr, DEMA, Momentum, OBV, Williams, Volatility, Chaikin, ATR
After you set all your Preferences, you can either View them without saving them, or Save As and choose a Preset for later use. You can access these Presets in all contracts' charts. Save up to 5 Settings on Presets for quick access



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