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¿Cómo editar la configuración de órdenes?

Última Actualización: Jul 16, 2015 02:37PM CEST

Para Acceder a la Configuración de Órdenes:
Dentro de cada contrato, ir al menú de opciones (+) > Config órdenes.
O en la pantalla de Nueva Compra / Nueva Venta, pincha en el icono de la rueda de Configuración.

Editar la configuración de Órdenes:
These apply only to the contract you are on, except if you check the "Apply to all futures/forex/options" checkbox

Stop Type: Stop/StopLimit. The type of stop you want to use for this contract. Default is Stop.

Duration: DAY / GTC. Default setting is DAY. With DAY, the active order will expire by the end of the session. GTC (good till cancel) will stay active on the following sessions until it is either filled or cancelled. 

Default Size of the order. Useful if you usually trade the same volume. You can still edit it before sending an order.

Max Size: This is a security limit, useful to avoid entering big orders by mistake. If you try to trade more than this limit, it will not let you and will ask you to reduce the volume or edit this setting.


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